The Importance of Irrigation Backflow Preventer Repair

If you have a lawn with green grass and other plants, you certainly want it irrigated regularly. But if you sourcing irrigation water from your drinking water supplies, the danger of backflow is always real. With backflow prevention repair, your sprinkler irrigation system will continue to do its job without the risk of exposing your family to contaminated water.

Many homeowners have no idea what a backflow device is and what it does. But if you don't have a backflow prevention device, you should start by buying and having it installed. If you have the device installed but it's not doing its job, you're probably in violation of the law. On top of that, you're putting your family and pets at the risk of drinking water that may contain harmful chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste contaminants.

Considering what happens during and after lawn irrigation, it's not hard to see where the danger of contamination comes from. After you're done irrigating and sprinkler heads are back into the ground, it results in a vacuum.  The implication is that everything that's in your lawn may enter the irrigation pipes. Usually, what's in your lawn includes pesticides, animal droppings, and fertilizers. When you have the sprinkler system fitted with an optimally-functioning backflow prevention device, all these possible contaminants cannot reach your tap water supply. Know more about Febco 765 repair kit.

Many states require backflow prevention for all lawn irrigation systems, particularly those sourcing water from clean supplies. These devices must not only be installed according to the stipulated local codes, but also doing their job of preventing irrigation water from flowing in the opposite direction.

So, is your backflow prevention device working well today? May be it's time you had the device inspected. It is always advisable to have the backflow prevention system inspected at least once every year. It can be a matter of life or death, considering the infection and toxic substances that contaminated water may cause.

If you're considering lawn sprinkler backflow prevention repair, ensure that the person doing it is familiar with the kind of device or system you have in place. There are different types of backflow prevention devices, from anti-siphon valves to pressure vacuum breakers. Check out Febco 765 repair kit for more details.

Protect your family and pets from drinking water that may contain harmful substances and chemicals siphoned from your lawn. Consider backflow prevention repair to be sure that your irrigation system does it job well without posing any health threats to you.