The Importance Of Regular Inspection And Repair Of The Irrigation Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are components of irrigation water systems that prevent irrigation water from flowing back and contaminating home water supply systems. Due to the wide range of backflow preventers available in the market, most people wonder what backflow preventers work and whether they require one or a few for their lawn irrigation system. Although backflow preventers are only a sensible requirement for homes with lawn sprinkler system, some local authorities make it a legal requirement for every home. If the backflow preventers do not meet the required protection standards, you risk consuming contaminated water since the water used for irrigation is likely to contain herbicides and fertilizers. Additionally, the backflow preventers may develop defects over time and hence the need to engage competent maintenance professionals for inspection and repair.

In some areas, the local authorities may recommend the best backflow preventers and ban those that do not meet the prevention standards. If you are reading about backflow preventers for the first time, you certainly wonder why it is so important to have them. In most instances, the lawn contains numerous contaminants that pose health risk if ingested by human, pets or domestic animals. Since most people use pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilizers on their lawn, the irrigation water can introduce significant amount of toxins into the home water system. If the irrigation water comes from a well, the contaminated water from the lawn can flow back to the well and affect underground water supply. Even worse, the irrigation water can mix with the community water supply system if you use faulty backflow preventers. Know more about Febco 905212 replacement.

Unfortunately, most of the backflow valves only prevent water from flowing in the opposite direction only when they are open. Even when you purchase and install the automatic backflow valves, the water pressure may not be sufficient to prevent backflow. A quality backflow preventer provide the only reliable means of preventing irrigation water from flowing to the home water supply system. However, even the best backflow preventers require regular inspection and maintenance services.

While you may consider installing, inspecting and repairing the backflow preventers just to abide by the laws, doing this protects you and your family from adverse effects of consuming contaminated water. If you consider the health risks and the relative cost of treatment, inspection and repair charges are certainly low. Fortunately, the leading backflow preventers repair professionals have the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment to inspect and rectify any functional problem for excellent performance. Check out Blue Heron repair kit for Febco 765 for more info.