Installing a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is the process whereby small amounts of water are applied to a plant directly on the root base, shrubs, or any other place it is needed. This method is well suited for shrubs or flower beds but not meant for lawns where the glass is close together. In early times, people used to use bottles around plants to carry out drip irrigation. However, the technological advancements have brought about modern drip irrigation technology that consists of a combination of rotors, drip, and the sprays. Rotors are normally used in very large lawns while drip is used in delicate flowers and shrub beds.

There are a wide range of things to consider when you are thinking of installing a drip irrigation system. First of all, you need the irrigation system to water the plants exactly where the water is needed. This is mostly around the root area hence you will be cutting down on waste. If you are dealing with a metered supply in your irrigation, you will notice that installing a drip irrigation system will cut you down on lots of irrigation costs. It is estimated that drip irrigation uses 300X less water than the other forms of irrigation. Check out Febco 765 repair kit for more info.

If you have been using another irrigation system and you intend to shift to drip irrigation, the process is kind of easy to follow. If you are doing spray irrigation, you need to remove the sprays from the tube and replace them with a drip tube. There are a wide range of drip heads in the market that have been designed to be fitted in the spray systems to convert them into drip irrigation systems. No matter the brand of spray irrigation system you have, you can always convert it using this system.

When converting spray systems into drip irrigation systems, you need a method that allows a reduction in pressure lest you end up with jets of water again. There are some drip systems that are normally sold with a pressure regulator while others will need a separate pressure regulator installed. Make sure to get a system that can filter out junk which could end up blocking the drip emitters causing poor irrigation patterns. The main advantage of drip kits is that you can manually install the emitters where you want them to be. This way, no water will go to waste and your plants will thrive. Read the Febco 765 replacement review to gain more details.